Why choose Unifine® SafeControl®?

Needlestick injuries are a problem for some healthcare professionals1.

Globally, up to 69% of healthcare professionals have experienced needlestick injuries at some point in their careers.

The effects can be both physical and psychological: including the risk of infection, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder.

What about passive safety pen needles?1.

Passive safety pen needles do help. However, an international study revealed that they introduce new challenges too2.


healthcare professionals
shared their insights

Lack of needle visibility

Healthcare professionals agreed that they couldn’t see the needle as well as they would like.

Limited control

They agreed that they did not feel as much in control of the injection process as they had with a conventional pen needle.

Premature activation

71% agreed that the safety pen needle activates before they have finished administrating the injection.


69% agreed that premature activation of the safety pen needle makes them unsure that the full medication dose has been delivered to their patient (of the 71%).

Don’t compromise on safety.
Or dose delivery.

Introducing Unifine® SafeControl®, the next generation of safety pen needles.

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